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7 Unique Ideas for Cute Relationship Pictures

Taking a funny picture with your significant other.

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  1. Enjoying Hobbies Together
  2. Sneaking a Kiss
  3. A Perfect Silhouette
  4. Favorite Silly Moments
  5. Off the Beaten Path
  6. A Nice Reflection Shot
  7. Recreating Famous Photos

If there’s one thing that you probably don’t do enough, it’s taking endearing relationship pictures with your significant other.

That may sound silly, but it’s true. Shared experiences like taking fun couples photos together can strengthen a relationship and help your relationship grow.

The Importance of Cute Relationship Pictures

Chances are, you’ve never stopped to think about the fact that taking pictures with your significant other could be so important.

When you take pictures together, you let your partner know that they’re an important part of your life; that you want to be with them and want to be seen with them. This shows that you have an active interest in spending quality time with them and that you enjoy their company. Perhaps most importantly, the adorable relationship photos you take together can serve as a roadmap of your relationship through time to review in the future.

Even downtime and regular moments with your significant other is photo-worthy.

Enjoying Hobbies Together

A great setting for enchanting relationship pictures is a shared hobby or other experience that the two of you both enjoy.

If you want to be creative with it you can pretend that one of you seems reluctant in early pictures, only to capture them thoroughly absorbed in later photos from the same set.

Sneaking a Kiss

A popular relationship picture is to capture the moment of a quick, unexpected kiss with your partner. For an added interesting look, hide the actual kiss behind a book, flower, or other objects that cover just enough of the scene to be extra compelling.

Best couple picture surprise! It’s a kiss from your significant other.

A Perfect Silhouette

Kisses and other romantic gestures make great silhouettes. Think of ways that you can stage silhouetted photos to create relationship pictures that have a dramatic impact. It’s another opportunity for the two you to capture another enjoyable moment together on a shared task.

Favorite Silly Moments

Some of the most engaging couples photos are those when the participants are being silly or playing around together. Don’t be afraid to capture these moments! Whether you’re giving a piggy-back ride or throwing flour at each other while baking, pictures of the two of you having a boisterous time together are always great.

Your silly moments as a couple can end up being your favorite photos of all.

Off the Beaten Path

Getting out of the house and out into nature is a great way to set up good photos with your partner. Whether you’re out for a hike or just enjoying the fall leaves, it’s always satisfying to get off the beaten path.

A Nice Reflection Shot

Mirrors, ponds, and a variety of other surfaces can reflect the two of you together, creating a unique perspective in the photos that you take. It’s not always easy to stage these kinds of pictures for couples, but are often more than worth the effort.

Recreating Famous Photos

One last idea for unique pictures for couples is to recreate famous pictures and photographs with the two of you in starring roles.

Whether you’re remaking the famous V-J Day kiss in Times Square or recreating a scene from your favorite romantic movie, don’t be afraid to go all out with costumes and props to accurately recreate the moment. The more fun you have making and staging your photos, the more the companionship you share with your significant other will reflect in the end result.