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Celebrate Your Selfie: 10 Ideas for Selfies that Reflect the Real You

Best Friends Selfie by a Colorful Wall | Motif

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The selfie is here to stay. No longer the domain on teenagers and reality TV starlets, selfies are now part of everyone’s photo repertoire. Not only are they fun to take, they also allow you to show off your personality. So grab your selfie stick and get ready to up your game with these brilliant ideas for selfies.

1. Look at the camera lens, not the screen

If you’ve ever taken a selfie where you look a bit awkward (and who hasn’t?), there’s a good chance you looked at your smartphone’s screen instead of its lens when taking the photo. One way to avoid this is to skip using your front-facing camera and use your phone’s regular camera instead. It might take more practice, but your regular phone camera has better resolution anyway.

2. Be aware of the background of your photo

Don’t get so focused on your face in the photo that you neglect to notice the messy kitchen or unmade bed in the background. Cropping can only do so much. Try to find an interesting yet neutral background.

3. Aim for natural lighting

As with all photos, natural lighting is best. Indoor lighting can create unnatural shadows or given you a greenish tint. In general, you’ll have the best results if you don’t use a flash.

4. Hold the camera above you

Think about how a selfie stick works. You look up at it. And, as any teenager knows, you look thinner when the camera is looking down at you rather than vice versa. Looking down at the camera simply creates unnecessary double chins.

Couple hiking photo with selfie stick

5. Try out different angles

If you look closely at your face in the mirror, you’ll notice minor difference in your bone structure from one side of your face to another. Try taking your photo from different angles to see which you like best. Soon you’ll figure out which is your “best side.” (Just avoid “duckface.” Its day is over.)

6. Focus on your best features

Think about which facial features you’d most like to emphasize. For instance, if you have stunning blue eyes, consider taking a selfie in a shirt that compliments those baby blues. Or perhaps you want to play up your eyes by wearing heavy eyeliner and mascara and using a tight composition. Remember, you’re the artist—there are no rules against cropping out part of your face.

7. Play around with reflections

Try taking a selfie in a mirror, or take a photo of your reflection in a storefront window or someone’s mirrored sunglasses. Your goal is to get others to see the world in a different way. Have fun with it!

8. Include your fur babies in your selfie

Our furry friends are generally up for a selfie—and who doesn’t love a good photo with their pet? Add a little extra visual interest by including your dog or cat in your next session.

A woman taking a selfie with her dog | Motif

9. Remember: Your face doesn’t have to be in the picture

Sometimes telling your story might mean leaving your face out of the picture altogether. Take a picture of your feet as you lace on new running shoes to start training for a race. Or your feet in rain boots headed out on a wet day… Or your hand holding the keys to your new house…

Parents taking a picture of their feet in the sand in the foreground and their daughter playing in the sand in the background | Motif

10. Accessorize

After all, everyone looks glamorous in sunglasses! Put on your shades and take your next selfie.