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It’s Not Too Late to Create a New Year’s Card

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For many of us, it’s the busiest time of year. The season is one of joy, friends and family, all the warm fuzzies, and lots and lots to get done!

The days are filled with holiday programs at school, seasonal craft and decorating shows and events, concerts, plays—the works! And the season culminates with, drumroll please, welcoming the new year!

And what better way to celebrate the beginning of the year than creating a New Year’s card!

Three Reasons to Create a New Year’s Card

1. It’s inclusive

Creating a New Year’s card is a great way to inclusively celebrate the holiday season and send warm wishes to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. A New Year’s card allows you to customize your greeting to the season and year in a separate way that respects your own and/or other’s potential beliefs. It’s neutral and inclusive to all.

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2. Buy yourself more time

Growing up, we remember our moms sitting at the kitchen table diligently writing cards, working tirelessly to get them all sent in time for the holiday.

When you create a New Year’s card, you have a full extra week of time (AFTER the holidays) to craft and send your greetings. December isn’t just especially busy for us and the stores; it’s also busy for the post office. While mail sent in early and mid-December typically takes a bit longer to arrive, if you send a New Year’s card, you have a few more days to meet your target arrival window.

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3. Spread a little post-holiday cheer

The time leading up to the holidays is filled with so much buzz and excitement—searching for and purchasing gifts, getting the house ready for friends and family, work and social events, and more!

After the rush of the season ends and company heads home, you have a pocket of quiet time to spread a little post-holiday cheer with a thoughtful card that lets your loved ones know you’re thinking about them and looking forward to the year ahead.

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The choice is yours

Those once-handwritten holiday notes were beautiful, but today’s technologies lend themselves to beautiful keepsake photo cards that allow us to personalize our greetings in a whole new way. Take advantage by extending your warm wishes with the perfect picture and a fun layout.

Motif has more than 80 professionally designed layouts for you to choose from, plus a variety of fonts and color treatments so you can make a New Year’s card that fits you and the tidings you want to send.

Creating a New Year’s Card with Motif on Mac | Motif

Make it fun, classy and elegant, or quirky—the choice is yours.