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Motif: The Photo App for macOS Has Arrived

Using the Motif app to change the design of a custom photo book | Motif

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Introducing Motif: a delightfully simple photo app for Mac that makes your best memories even better.

Its intuitive interface makes creating Apple photo books, calendars, and cards a breeze. It offers bigger, bolder display for your favorite photos, and state-of-the-art printing brings dynamic color and lasting beauty to your gorgeous photos.

Putting the Power of Motif to Work for You

Motif takes advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to make creating your project as effortless as possible.

The photo app recommends the very best photos from your collection— the ones with the sharpest focus and clarity, better image orientation, faces and faces with smiles.

The technology will remove duplicates and provide easy ways to browse similar images.

You don’t have to stress over the technical details or spend time selecting photos and uploading and waiting for large photo files to a website.

If you want to make a photo book, Motif calculates how many pages you need based on the number of top-quality images it finds. The app comes up with a price, too—so no more sticker shock at checkout. You can change any of those figures if, say, you’d like to use more or less photos or pages in the photo book.

The Motif Design Advantage

Once you flow your photos into a Motif project, you have a choice of stylish themes. These curated designs include coordinated layouts, fonts, and colors. Your project will look amazing even if you never make another click of the mouse.

If you’re feeling creative, Motif can make that happen, too. Changing a layout is as simple as dragging a photo’s edges to make it larger or smaller. The other photos change their sizes interactively at the same time, so you don’t have to worry about images falling outside the print area.

If you’re looking for album design ideas, Motif offers multiple layout options. Take a photo from one edge of the page to the other, or even across two pages, for a dramatic display.

You also can customize page colors, borders, or background patterns with Motif, adding your personal flair to a layout.

Ultra-Easy Photo Editing with Motif

Want to change a photo crop? Drag it around in the frame until it’s perfect. Zooming in or out is as easy—just drag a slider. Use a tilt effect to fix a crooked camera angle or create a cool, artistic look.

If you need to edit more heavily, the full power of Photos for macOS is just a double click away—correct lighting and color, create a vintage effect by changing images to sepia or black-and-white. Save the photo, and go right back to where you left off in Motif.

Telling a story with Motif

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but sometimes you have a little more to say through words.

With Motif, you can type captions or headlines directly into the project or copy and paste from another file. And you can change text fonts, colors, and sizes.

Positioning the text on the page is a simple drag and drop. Make the text block a part of the layout, positioning it under or over your photo, or use a headline or caption as an overlay.

Printing Your Project with Motif

Once you complete your projects, you can place the order directly within the Motif photo app. Your design for cards, calendars, or photo books go to a state-of-the art printing plant. It’s the same place that’s always printed your Apple photo projects—Motif’s been a printing partner with Apple since 2005. It’s quality you know you can rely on.

The printing presses and technology at these plants bring you the brightest colors, clearest images, and sharpest pages.