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Our Top Photography Ideas for Easter

Two very young kids high-fiving during an Easter egg hunt | Motif

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When spring is in the air, so is the chance for delightful photos of your children and pets. The Easter Bunny brings not only candy but also amazing photo opportunities. Holiday traditions and pastel colors combine for photos tailor-made for custom photo books and cards. Take a look at these photography ideas for Easter that will give you the best results.

The hunt is on: Easter egg hunt photos

The annual Easter egg hunt is the ideal time to capture both silly action shots and post-hunt portraits. Use your camera’s sport mode or phone’s burst mode to capture the kids chasing down golden eggs hidden in grandma’s backyard. Once the fun is over, remember to get some shots of everyone opening their bounty.

Capture the color of dying Easter eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is a beautiful, colorful tradition that will produce beautiful, colorful photographs. Have your children start their project, and take pictures when they’re so immersed in dyeing eggs they’re not paying any attention to the camera. Those looks of concentration will be precious!

A little girl decorating Easter eggs | Motif

Visit the Easter Bunny for a photo shoot

Just like trips to see Santa at the mall, you can’t neglect going to see the Easter Bunny! And it’s possible he’s even more terrifying than Santa. Those pictures of your child engaging warily with a man in a giant bunny costume are classics.

Don’t forget the bunny ears

It might seem clichéd, but is there anything cuter than a toddler or the family dog wearing a pair of bunny ears? Especially if said toddler is clad in pastel plaids and suspenders? Didn’t think so.

Photos in your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it…

In today’s super-casual society, Easter Sunday might be the one day of the year your children are the most dolled up. Snap some quick picks of your little girl in her Easter hat, white anklets, and frilly dress while you can. Someday she might rebel!

Put your baby in an Easter bakset

If this is baby’s first Easter, set up a fun springtime photo shoot by creating an Easter “basket” where your little one is the main attraction. With a large-enough basket and some netting, you can create a scene no Easter bunny could outdo.

Don’t forget the baby animals of springtime

If you have access to baby chicks and bunnies, and your children are old enough (and gentle enough) to interact with them, these can make for darling photos. Remember, however, that baby chicks and bunnies grow up to be chickens and rabbits, and if you’re not ready for a new pet, it’s best not to acquire baby animals for a photo shoot.

How to use your Easter photos in custom photo projects

Once you have the perfect shots, it’s time to share them with family and friends. Motif is a MacOS-exclusive photo extension that works seamlessly with the native Apple photos app. You can use Motif to create custom photo albums and cards. After you edit your photos in the Photos app, it’s simple to use Motif to create high-quality custom photo projects such as albums, cards, and calendars.