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Shot List for Your Next Weekend Getaway

Two girls walking down the beach | Motif

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The dates are set, the accommodations reserved, and the excitement is building. You’re more than ready for your next weekend getaway and can’t wait to pack your bags and enjoy every second. Remember your camera and extend every magical moment with a perfectly captured picture. Round out your weekend getaway pics with our 15-image photo shot list, perfect for telling the story of your time away.

Your 15-Image Weekend Getaway Photo Shot List

1. The farewell

Snap a quick “before” pic as you leave for your getaway. That picture captures your excitement and sets the tone for your entire trip. Take a group selfie in your car after you pull out of the garage, in the airplane holding those 7 a.m. mimosas, or as you board the bus or train. That fleeting moment is one you’re sure to love, as it holds the promise of a great weekend to come.

2. The arrival

You’ve just arrived at your destination. You’re ready to explore everything your weekend spot has to offer. Capture the anticipation in a quick photo. Have a fellow traveler snap a shot of you outside your hotel or strike a pose in the memorable lobby. Snap that adorable pic with your significant other. If you selfied on the way out the door, mix it up to get that beautiful scenery in the shot.

3. Your room

Even though you’re bound to be out and about adventuring, your room is still your home base for the next few days. If you’re at a cute B&B, capture those cozy details and hominess. Get a shot of the room and the thoughtful quirks and unique items that make it special. If you’re at an impressive resort, capture the grand scene of the bedroom and the doors that lead to the incredible view. Capture your welcome folded-towel animals. Those special details mark someone’s hard work and dedication to ensuring you have a great time.

A girl sitting on the edge of a pool while the sun is setting | Motif

4. Wildlife

Any place you travel will have unique animals that call it home. Think of the iguana that scuttles across the stones in the Caribbean or the Cardinal that perches on a snow-covered tree outside the window of your cozy Connecticut hideaway. While you’re there, you may grow used to their charm, but you’ll likely fondly remember the way they contributed to your getaway’s environment and personality once you’re back home. Take a moment to capture them doing what they do best.

5. An amazing view

Our memories change over time, but photos are living proof of exactly how amazing that sunset really was, how nearly neon green the foliage truly is, or the view from the mountain top it took hours of hard work to reach. Take a picture of you and your travel companions in those scenes, but also pause to take a panorama shot of the amazing view all by itself—for the perfect wraparound cover for a custom Moitf photo book.

Valle de Vinales National Park, Cuba | Motif

6. Something unique

Every getaway spot has its own story to tell. Find yours. Maybe it’s the squirrel who peeks in your window every morning. The flamingos that line your private beach. The colorful buildings that line the streets. Identify the one thing that makes your destination unique and capture it in a photo.

7. An experience

What’s the one experience during your weekend getaway that you’ll retell after your trip ends? Make sure you have the photo to accompany it. Maybe it’s your early-morning fishing excursion or your night dive surrounded by illuminated photo plankton—have the divemaster snap a pic of you before you submerge. Those experiences make your trip. Have one iconic shot that preserves your experience forever.

A group of friends swimming in the ocean | Motif

8. People

Nothing contributes to a destination’s environment more than its people. Take a step back and observe. What are the residents doing that sets the scene? Capture the moment in a way that savors the intricacies and ambiance.

Musicians playing their instruments on a street corner | Motif

9. A personal success

What did you learn or try on your trip that you hadn’t done previously? Was it your first time snorkeling? Did you conquer your fear of heights and brave a zip line through the trees? Maybe it was resisting the urge to do anything of significance and successfully whiling the morning away over coffee and a book. Capture that moment so every time you look at the picture, you can relive it and appreciate it.

10.  Something solo

What did you do for you, by yourself, during your getaway? This may not be a challenge if you travel solo, but if you travel with others, it’s easy to get caught up in the group experiences. Make sure to take a few minutes by yourself to take it all in in your own way. Capture what it looked like while you’re there.

11.  Something shared

Getaways are full of sharing. The decadent chocolate dessert. Your parasailing experience. A pot of coffee in the morning. A new excursion. Snap a pic of something you shared with someone during your time away.

12.  An ordinary moment made beautiful

Travel is full of fun, amazing moments. But sometimes, the moments we most need to cherish are the ordinary ones. You know, the night you decided to stay in and hang out in those plush robes. The board game you enjoyed in the lobby. Those ordinary activities you do while away are somehow made special. Savor the moment.

13.  A signature dish

One of the best parts of traveling is experiencing the different cuisines. Whether you’re taking a quick weekend getaway abroad or simply traveling to a nearby city, every destination has signature dishes. So snap a pic of that Nashville hot chicken or New Orleans po’ boy and remember it every time you look at the photo.

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14. The one that sums up the trip

If you had to tell the story of your trip in one photo, what would it be? Is it the stack of cocktail glasses at the end of the night? A shot of the dance floor and lively band? The calmness of the lobby fireplace and amazing hot chocolate bar? Take a picture that sums up the character of your trip.

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15. The last night

While every moment is special, there’s something about the last night of a getaway that carries with it a type of finality. Because of that, we’re prone to celebrate it. One last walk on the beach in the moonlight. The elegant beachfront dining experience at sunset. A bottle of wine shared on the terrace. Letting the kids stay up late to enjoy one last swim. Whatever it is, capture it in a photo.

Quick weekend getaways end too soon, but with the right photo shot list, you can keep the memories and feelings alive forever.