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Portraying Beauty in Photography

A girl taking a picture in front of flowers | Motif

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As a photographer, you have the rewarding ability to make a fleeting moment permanent. With a single click of your shutter, you can capture forever the beauty and emotion of a moment in time. That’s why it’s so critical to tell not only your family’s story in photos through the beauty of photography but also your story.

Empower yourself to document your beauty

If you’re a photo enthusiast, it’s easy to hide behind the camera, making sure everyone’s picture is taken but your own. But you can’t tell your story if you’re never in the photos! It’s important to prioritize taking your own picture, whether you pose for a formal portrait or snap a selfie before date night.

Often women feel self-conscious about having their photograph taken, focusing too much on roots that need to be touched up, smile lines, or those extra 10 pounds—exactly the sort of thing no one else would observe when taking in an entire photograph. Think about it: How often do you notice those types of things? Hardly ever, right?

The most important thing to remember is the worst photograph is the one that never gets taken. You have one chance to document a moment in time. Don’t miss it!

Tips for showing your beauty in photography

Whether you’re dolled up for a night out or relaxing around the house sans makeup, a few quick photography tips can help your photo capture the beauty of the real you and feel more confident in photos:

  • Instead of facing the camera straight-on, turn your face to an angle for added depth in your features. (Go ahead—indulge your inner Kim Kardashian and take some selfies to experiment. You might like one angle better than another.)
  • Make sure the photographer is shooting you from above instead of at the same level or shooting up.
  • Avoid harsh sunlight by taking your photo during the “golden hour” right after sunrise or right before sunset. No matter what you do, avoid outdoor portraits at high noon. That’s the recipe for squinty eyes and harsh shadows.
A woman posing for a picture in a field at sunset | Motif
  • Draw attention to your gorgeous eyes by wearing a dramatic, full-volume mascara. Bonus points if you fill in your eyebrows to frame your face.
  • Photos can sometimes wash out features, so another makeup tip is to line your lips. This ensures a crisp lip line. A bold blue-red lipstick will make your teeth look whiter, too.
  • Think of a happy memory when your photo is being taken to help ensure you have a big smile on your face.
  • Try saying “Money!” instead of “Cheese!” when you are being photographed. You’ll have a bigger smile and pleasing crinkles around your eyes.

Once you see photos of yourself, embrace them. You are beautiful, whether you’re dressed to the nines or having a messy hair/don’t care day. This is your story, so make sure you’re featured in the next custom photo book or card you make using Motif.

Join us to celebrate the power of beauty

Motif believes a woman’s impact on the world—all of her bold, messy, impactful beauty—deserves to be documented. That’s why we’re proud to support #Stand4Her, a campaign from global beauty leader Avon. Through #Stand4Her, Avon is celebrating the power of beauty to transform with initiatives that challenge stereotypes, support freedom of expression, democratize beauty and represent a wide range of women.

As part of the #Stand4Her campaign, Avon is supporting various programs and holding events globally, including Avon The Walks this June 15 in Prague. Motif invites you to join this exciting event where we’ll celebrate the power of beauty in all its forms—and have plenty of opportunities to document beauty in our surroundings and in one another. Read more about Avon the Walks today.

The Avon #Stand4Her gathering | Motif