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Photography Trends to Expect in 2021

Photographing that perfect time of the day

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If you’re a fan of capturing special moments with your phone or camera, it’s always exciting to hear what the photography trends will be in the coming year. Photography buffs of all levels can see their shots reflect what’s current in the industry. Professional photographers can see their bookings and revenue increase. Amateurs can generate greater appreciation from those they share their work with and also gain a greater following socially. It’s also a great way for an amateur to become a professional photographer should they choose. The saying, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” is certainly something to consider. This article is a glimpse into the emerging digital photography trends of the coming year.   

Future Trends In Photography

Every so often we capture a photo that surprises us. It garners many comments and likes from friends and followers. It also makes you realize the talent within for capturing great photos. Good photographers take stock in the process they used to increase the chances of taking more of the same or better quality. 

Good photographers are students of their craft. They’ve read articles on photography trends of 2020. They stay current with what’s happening to better their photo results. Here are seven photography trends for the coming year to fuel your creativity.   

1. Minimalism In Photography

People who raise their camera often tend to capture too much in their shot. They miss the simple beauty that can be found in minimalist photography. It’s a trend that’s becoming the breath of fresh air we all need. Seeking out simplicity and power of minimalist images can be the perfect way to depict everyday things in an unusual or elegant way. Muted tones, monochromatic color palettes, or even empty spaces are great options. Capturing this style of photography is easy to achieve because it only requires the vision to see simplicity in everything around us. Less is often more. The practice of minimalism in photography makes you more observant of the world around you. 

2. Cultural Diversity

Diversity is the spice that makes life more interesting. Similar to the trend of authentic photography, people want to feel they are appropriately represented. Bodies, genders and racial diversity fully on display. Images in this trend carry a moral purpose, helping to fight stereotypes and bias.

3. Authentic Photography

People are shying away from perfection. They’re learning that’s not a reality and being who you are is more important. Authentic photography is becoming more and more popular in the face of photoshopped and unrealistic imagery. Ordinary people, lifestyles, and experiences are becoming the subject of this trend. It’s popularity will only grow as more people identify with it and its relatability. It’s a trend that stands to offer a healing element of acceptance of all our imperfections.  

4. Vertical Photography

Get off the tried horizontal format and get vertical. This framing option, normally reserved for portrait photography, is fast becoming the newest photography trend. Smartphone improvements and the popularity of Instagram Stories and TikTok, have spurred the vertical photography trend. Social distancing and working from home has also led to an increase of people creating and consuming content at home on their phones.

5. Aerial Photography

aerial photography

With drones becoming more and more affordable, aerial photography is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in photography. Shooting with a drone opens up so many different perspectives not possible from the ground. Places you’ve been to many times before now take on an entirely new look with this photography trend. See naturally-occurring patterns in the world around us from above. Be safe and check the rules of where you can fly a drone beforehand.   

6. Relaxed Wedding Photography

Adult Men Slicing Wedding Cake stock photo

Traditional wedding photography will do if that’s what you’re comfortable with. Everyone posed in a proper manner in a manicured moment. The price tag associated with a professional to do so can be quite expensive. A popular emerging trend involves the participants being tasked with capturing candid moments. The result is a collection of images that truly capture the feeling and pulse of the event. They can be more appealing than typical rigid, staged photos. Or, use them to complement traditional wedding photos. 

7. Retro Photography & Nostalgia

Pairing old imagery with present day is a trend to look for in the coming year. Recreating retro images can be fun and rewarding. The practice of retro photography often creates an improved sense of personal heritage. It also raises awareness of the past and the importance of history. 

Inspiration is taken from retro images and moods from any era with a fresh take on nostalgia. 

These trend suggestions will improve and broaden the results of your photography. Find yourself creating more stunning shots and upping your photo taking skills. Educating yourself is key. Find more photography tips to improve your photography overall. 

Beyond the Photos and Trends 

Amazing photography can fall victim to more photography. We do no justice to your best shots if they’re lost in the scroll. But there is hope and it’s easier than you might think. Rescue your best shots by featuring them in a photo book, calendar, or card. Professional-grade printing on high-quality materials gives justice to your best.